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If you're looking for the perfect Smoke Shop in Baltimore, Maryland - we'll you've found it...right here. Patorco Smoke Shop, CBD Flower & CBD Oil is much more than a hemp dispensary!

We carry all the products you'd expect of your dream head shop to carry! You can use these with hemp or *ahem* it's other well known cousin. You'll find a wide selection of everything you need for smoking, including rolling papers, vaporizers, glass pipes, Kratom and more in our store! Honestly, if we aren't one of the best smoke shops or head shops you've been to, we'll let you try a CBD gummy for free (JK, we give everyone free CBD gummies).

We're located right in the heart of Baltimore MD, and you can find us at 1132 S. Charles Ave Baltimore, MD!

Let's go through a quick menu of the various smoke shop products you can find here!

Vaporizers and Vapes in Baltimore

Volcano, Crafty, Pax, PuffCo, APX, Ooze Products, Gigi Vapes, Palm Batteries for your carts, and more! We've been told it's the best selection in Baltimore Maryland!

Head Shop Glass Pipes in Baltimore

We work with local Baltimore, MD artists to sell glass that's made right here in Maryland (Greek Town, specifically). Come find the pipe you need, whether it's a spoon or a water pipe (colloquially known as a bong.) You'll find the best wall of glass in MD, with prices that no one can match.

So if you're still unconvinced, give us a call or check out Patorco Smoke Shop at 1132 S. Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21230!

Patorco Smoke Shop, cbd flower & cbd oil

We're a movement dedicated to the power of plants and the preservation of the planet.

Our team has a collective 40 years of experience in the hemp space, spanning chemistry, compliance and manufacturing.

We're dedicated to bringing you the best products that hemp and other plants have to offer. 

We avoid the use of plastic in our products completely. When no alternatives are available, we only use ocean recycled plastic.

Our physical storefront is located in Federal Hill, Baltimore, where we proudly serve our community. Come visit us!



It's our speciality, so it should go first! You'll find Baltimore's best CBD oils, CBD gummies, CBD vapes, CBD lotions, CBD creams for pain relief here. Further, you'll find hemp CBD flower and prerolls too! We just launched our Delta 8 THC line, and we're confident we have the best Baltimore Delta 8 variety you can find! Come check us out if you want a slightly psychoactive kick. Check out our Delta 8 gummies and Delta 8 vapes!

Rolling Papers Baltimore

OCB, Raw, Zig Zag, June, High Hemp, Backwoods, Vibes, Elements, Bob Marleys, Zen, Juicy Jays, Twisted Hemps, King Palms, Woods Leaf, 1882, and all the funnel you need! The best prices in Baltimore MD guaranteed!

Grinders in Baltimore

Right now, I'm looking at about a hundred grinders from the best manufacturers in America. Come and choose from them with us!

Gifts in Baltimore

You can find various gifts for yourself or your loved ones, such as sage, soy candles, smell odor sprays and more!

customer service

Our staff, knowledge and helpfulness is unmatched in this industry. It's one of the things we pride ourselves on. We'll help you find the right products, whether you're smoking, or just trying to find some gummies. It's been called the best in MD for a reason.




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