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Smoke Shop in Federal Hill, Baltimore, Maryland


We're a movement dedicated to the power of plants and the preservation of the planet.

Our team has a collective 40 years of experience in the hemp space, spanning chemistry, compliance and manufacturing.

We're dedicated to bringing you the best products that hemp and other plants have to offer. 

We avoid the use of plastic in our products completely. When no alternatives are available, we only use ocean recycled plastic.

Our physical storefront is located in Federal Hill, Baltimore, Maryland, where we proudly serve our community. Come visit us!

Can't Miss - Exterior of Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill, Baltimore, MD at 1132 S. Charles St, Ba

Our bright exterior right on S. Charles Street, across from Mother's Federal Hill, Wayward and Brightside Boutique is hard to miss! Come on in!

Large tobacco variety at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill, Baltimore, Maryland

We carry a wide array of tobacco blunts to roll up in, including Backwoods, 1882, Swishers, Games, Game Leafs and more! Come in to your favorite head shop in Baltimore to shop our great prices.

Our glass pipes are the best at Patorco Smoke Shop in Baltimore

Our glass variety is unmatched in any smoke shop in Federal Hill! You'll find glass by American artists as well as an imported selection. Come in to your favorite head shop in Baltimore to shop our great prices.

Hookah Store in Federal Hill, Baltimore, Maryland 21230

You can find hookahs from reputable brands such as Khalil Mamoon, BYO, Amira and more at our Federal Hill Smoke Shop. Come in to our hookah store in Baltimore and you won't be disappointed with our selection!

Hookah Store in Baltimore

Our hookah flavors are priced very well! We carry shisha from Al Fakher, Starbuzz, and Fumari as well as CBD Hookah and Delta 8 THC Hookah! Come in to the best hookah store in Baltimore to find exactly what you're looking for!

Head Shop in Federal Hill - Patorco Smoke Shop

You'll find all your favorite glass cleaners at the premier head shop in Federal Hill, Baltimore. You can find 420 Cleaners, 710 Cleaners, Grunge Off, Ooze Resolution Gel and more!

Delta 8 in Baltimore, Maryland

Come try out Delta 8 Vape Cartridges at Baltimore's best head shop. Our products are rigorously lab tested to ensure satisfaction.

Cigars at Patorco Smoke Shop in Baltimore

You can find the freshest blunts and cigars in any smoke shop in Baltimore right here at Patorco! We're sure we'll be your favorite head shop.

Infusion Supplies at Patorco Smoke Shop

Come in to find herbal infusion supplies galore! Want to infuse your herbs in your own edibles? Well come down to our head shop in Baltimore to find what you need!

Scales in Baltimore Smoke Shop, Patorco Smoke Shop

Looking to measure your herbs? Well Patorco Smoke Shop carries all different types of scales for your needs!

CBD Vape in Baltimore at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

Our CBD Vapes are super relaxing and tasty too! You'll find a selection of everything you need at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill!

Vape Shop in Baltimore, Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

Looking for a new vape device? Or maybe you want coils or pods for your existing device? Come down to Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill to find all the goodies!

Cartridge Batteries in Baltimore

We have a huuuge selection of cartridge batteries here at Patorco Smoke Shop in Baltimore! You'll find Ooze Pens, Palm Batteries as well as Wulf Uni Pro by Yocan, and much, much more! Just stop by our shop in Federal Hill!

Vape Juice in Baltimore at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

Looking for vape juice? Well we have Salt Nicotine juice and freebase nicotine juice here at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill. We're sure we'll be your favorite vape shop in Baltimore!

Vape Shop in Federal Hill

Come by to see our selection of 100s of vape juices in Baltimore! We carry the best brands and we're sure you'll love them!

Trays in Baltimore Head Shop at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

Looking for trays to roll your herbs in? Well stop using your dining table and start using our well designed trays! You'll walk away happy at Patorco Smoke Shop in Baltimore!

Best Head Shop in Baltimore - Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

Our friendly customer service and wide selection of essentials is sure to make you a regular! Come see why people love shopping at Patorco Smoke Shop in Baltimore!

Glass at Baltimore Head Shop at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

You'll find American glass as well as a large imported selection at Baltimore's favorite head shop, Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill!

Grinders at Baltimore Head Shop, Patorco Smoke Shop, in Federal Hill

We have grinders for all price ranges! Come find quality grinders from Cali Crusher, Santa Cruz and more in our Baltimore head shop - Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill!

Kratom Powder, Kratom Capsules and Kratom Extract in Baltimore at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

We carry the finest Kratom powders and extracts, including MIT45, OPMS and Kat's Botanicals. We ensure our Kratom meets your high standards. Come on down to Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill, your Kratom destination.

Kratom in Baltimore Head Shop at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

Our line of Kratom is truly unmatched in Baltimore! Come see why our customers keep coming back to Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill!

MIT45 Kratom Extract in Baltimore Smoke Shop at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

Our Kratom extract selection is huge, and our prices are great! Start your day off at our Baltimore head shop, Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill, Baltimore, MD!

Glass Pipes at Baltimore Head Shop, Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

Our spoon pipes range from spoons to one-hitters, all either made in America or imported. Come see local glass art for yourself, and maybe you'll find a piece you can't live without, right here at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill!

Dr Dabber at Baltimore Head Shop, Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

Looking for big tabletop vape devices for your herb or extract? Look no further than Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill, Baltimore, MD!

Volcano at Baltimore Head Shop, Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

Looking for big tabletop vape devices for your herb or extract? Look no further than Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill, Baltimore, MD!

PuffCo at Baltimore Head Shop, Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

Looking for big tabletop vape devices for your herb or extract? Look no further than Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill, Baltimore, MD!

Stundenglass in Baltimore Head Shop, Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

The Stundenglass device is truly a game changer. As a gravity water pipe, you'll feel the robust effects and flavor of your herbs much quicker and stronger than any other consumption method. Come by to Baltimore's best smoke shop, Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill!

American Glass in Baltimore Smoke Shop, Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

Medicali makes super dope glass pipes for your favorite herbs! Come find all the American glass at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill!

Delta 8 Gummies in Baltimore at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

You'll love our Delta 8 Gummies, sold right here in Baltimore! Come try multiple flavors and multiple pack sizes at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill, Baltimore, MD!

Vegan Delta 8 Gummies in Baltimore at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

You'll love our vegan Delta 8 Gummies, sold right here in Baltimore! Come try multiple flavors and multiple pack sizes at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill, Baltimore, MD!

Delta 8 Vapes in Baltimore at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

Come by to find the best Delta 8 Vape Cartridges in Maryland from Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill! We have a wide range of strains for your desired effects!

Delta 8 Moonrocks in Baltimore at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

Looking for really strong Delta 8 Moon Rocks in Baltimore, MD? Well look no further! We ensure our moonrocks are lab tested and maximum coated with keef and oil! Come by to Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill, Baltimore, MD to find these gems!

Delta 8 Flower (Bubba Kush) in Baltimore at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

Looking for Delta 8 Flower in Baltimore? Well Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill, Baltimore, MD has more than 10 strains of top quality Delta 8 THC flower. Look no further than Baltimore's favorite head shop to find what you're looking for!

Delta 8 Flower (Sour Space Candy) in Baltimore at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

Looking for Delta 8 Flower in Baltimore? Well Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill, Baltimore, MD has more than 10 strains of top quality Delta 8 THC flower. Look no further than Baltimore's favorite head shop to find what you're looking for!

Full Spectrum Gummies at Patorco Smoke Shop

Our Full Spectrum Gummies are legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, so come find your favorite hemp products at Patorco Smoke Shop, a Baltimore hemp dispensary!

CBD for Sleep in Baltimore at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

Looking for CBD gummies for sleep near Baltimore? Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill carries vegan CBD gummies for sleep that will give you an amazing night's relaxation! Come by today.

Delta 8 Flower (Lifter) in Baltimore at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

Looking for Delta 8 Flower in Baltimore? Well Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill, Baltimore, MD has more than 10 strains of top quality Delta 8 THC flower. Look no further than Baltimore's favorite head shop to find what you're looking for!

Delta 8 Flower (Wedding Cake) in Baltimore at Patorco op in Federal HillSmoke Sh

Looking for Delta 8 Flower in Baltimore? Well Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill, Baltimore, MD has more than 10 strains of top quality Delta 8 THC flower. Look no further than Baltimore's favorite head shop to find what you're looking for!

Delta 8 Flower (Sour Lifter) in Baltimore at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

Looking for Delta 8 Flower in Baltimore? Well Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill, Baltimore, MD has more than 10 strains of top quality Delta 8 THC flower. Look no further than Baltimore's favorite head shop to find what you're looking for!

Vegan CBD Gummies in Baltimore at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill

Looking for CBD gummies for relaxing near Baltimore? Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill carries vegan CBD gummies for daily relaxation that will give you a stress free day! Come by today.

Delta 8 Prerolls and CBD Joints in Maryland at Patorco Smoke Shop in Federal Hill, Baltimore

Find our top strains perfectly rolled into smooth smoking joints! Stop by our shop, Patorco Smoke Shop, in Federal Hill, Baltimore, MD!

If you're looking for the perfect Smoke Shop in Baltimore, Maryland - we'll you've found it...right here. Patorco Smoke Shop, CBD Flower & CBD Oil is much more than a hemp dispensary!

We carry all the products you'd expect of your dream head shop to carry! You can use these with hemp or *ahem* it's other well known cousin. You'll find a wide selection of everything you need for smoking, including rolling papers, vaporizers, glass pipes, Kratom and more in our store! Honestly, if we aren't one of the best smoke shops or head shops you've been to, we'll let you try a CBD gummy for free (JK, we give everyone free CBD gummies).

We're located right in the heart of Baltimore MD, and you can find us at 1132 S. Charles Ave Baltimore, MD!

Let's go through a quick menu of the various smoke shop products you can find here!

Vaporizers and Vapes in Baltimore

Volcano, Crafty, Pax, PuffCo, APX, Ooze Products, Gigi Vapes, Palm Batteries for your carts, and more! We've been told it's the best selection in Baltimore Maryland!

CBD in


It's our speciality, so it should go first! You'll find Baltimore's best CBD oils, CBD gummies, CBD vapes, CBD lotions, CBD creams for pain relief here. Further, you'll find hemp CBD flower and prerolls too! We just launched our Delta 8 THC line, and we're confident we have the best Baltimore Delta 8 variety you can find! Come check us out if you want a slightly psychoactive kick. Check out our Delta 8 gummies and Delta 8 vapes!

Rolling Papers Baltimore

OCB, Raw, Zig Zag, June, High Hemp, Backwoods, Vibes, Elements, Bob Marleys, Zen, Juicy Jays, Twisted Hemps, King Palms, Woods Leaf, 1882, and all the funnel you need! The best prices in Baltimore MD guaranteed!

Grinders in Baltimore

Right now, I'm looking at about a hundred grinders from the best manufacturers in America. Come and choose from them with us!

Delta 8 in Baltimore

We work with local Baltimore, MD artists to sell glass that's made right here in Maryland (Greek Town, specifically). Come find the pipe you need, whether it's a spoon or a water pipe (colloquially known as a bong.) You'll find the best wall of glass in MD, with prices that no one can match.

So if you're still unconvinced, give us a call or check out Patorco Smoke Shop at 1132 S. Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21230!

You can find various gifts for yourself or your loved ones, such as sage, soy candles, smell odor sprays and more!

Customer Care

Our staff, knowledge and helpfulness is unmatched in this industry. It's one of the things we pride ourselves on. We'll help you find the right products, whether you're smoking, or just trying to find some gummies. It's been called the best in MD for a reason.

If you're curious where we?...

Patorco online store relaunches itself on December 1, 2023.

What products will you find with CBD?

If you visit us in our great Baltimore Head Shop, Patorco Smoke Shop, CBD Oil & CBD Flower,  you will find endless products with cannabidiol. You will have the opportunity to open your mind towards safe CBD consumption through great products such as:

• CBD Gummies

To have the best experience in consuming CBD, you may need to buy gummy bears. Although the gummies look childish in these cases, they are a great fit with CBD. They are bright colors, standardized in CBD, and easy to consume, so you are encouraged to try them now.

CBD gummies for sale can come in 3 bears or larger packages with up to 30 bears. You will have the option of having the vegan CBD gummies for the day or the night if you prefer. Many customers share that the gummies have relieved their back pain, joint pain and even suggest that they taste fresh. Our gummies are made with the finest ingredients. 

• CBD Flower

If you want to consume CBD in its natural form, you can buy the flowers of the component. You can choose between sativa flowers where the CBD originally comes from, a hybrid if you want a more moderate or indica effect. These CBD flowers are delicious, and depending on which one you consume you could have a unique effect on your body

Favorite CBD flowers include Zkittles, Caramelo Sour Space, OG Lemon Kush, and Hawaiian Haze. Each of these flowers is compliant with the Farm Bill project for you to smoke safely. Each flower's THC level varies, so you should be aware of it.

CBD legality

Since cannabidiol or CBD hit the US market, many people have questioned its legality. In 2018, several laws were passed in the US on hemp, interfering with the legality of CBD being its alternative product. However, this does not mean that all the components of Cannabis are for recreational or medical use since some are under investigation.

To date, CBD can be used in topicals such as creams, skin oils, balm, or other products that you can easily buy in our store, Patorco Smoke Shop, CBD Oil & CBD Flower. Each of the products sold as topicals must have their indications for use, positive and negative effects that they could have.

CBD prerolls

If you love to buy expertly prepared joints, you will be surprised to see our CBD Prerolls section. You will have the chance to buy three types of super long and tightly rolled prerolls for you to smoke at home.

Hawaiian Haze

You can take Hawaiian haze as a first preroll, which stands out as a sativa dominant flower. The herb has a high CBD level reaching over 17 percent with a THC touch of no more than 1 percent. This flower has a fresh, pine, lemon, floral, or earthy smell and taste.

The effect of the Hawaiian haze is one of creativity, joy, vigor, animation, and soothing for every hit you take. The herb is ideal for a night of work where you want to forget the bad times of the day.

Master Kush

Master Kush is an indica dominant flower that offers a high level of CBD and almost nonexistent THC. The flower prepares its earthy, hashish, spicy, and slightly herbal tones to permeate your taste buds. With Master Kush, you could feel soft, happy, body-buzz, and very relaxed, which will promote sleep.

Swiss Bliss

You can also buy the Swiss Bliss joint for its sweet and tangy tones that contrast perfectly. With the flower, you will have a CBD composition exceeding 15 percent. However, its THC is also something. Swiss Bliss is a flower for professionals in grass consumption, so you should refrain from trying it if it is your first time.

What is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 THC or Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive component that you might find within the cannabis sativa leaf. This component differs from solid THC because it is extracted from CBD, which gives it a less intense hallucinogenic effect.

Delta-8 THC is a very intense cannabidiol product that can relieve severe pain, inflammation and even help with sleep. However, consuming too much delta-8 THC can be bad for your health for multiple reasons. 

Benefits of consuming Delta-8 THC

Just as CBD offers you a couple of key benefits, Delta 8 Maryland may also surprise you with its results. This cannabis compound is magical in every sense of the word in that it gives:

• Fantastic psychoactive touch

If you want to have a more lasting psychoactive effect than CBD offers, you should try Delta-8 THC. This component of Cannabis gives you more attractive experiences that could blow your mind. The amount of THC in Delta-8 is very safe, considering it will not give you paranoia or psychosis in your high.

Studies indicate that Delta-8 is less psychoactive than Delta-9 THC and, of course, does not have an addictive effect. You will be able to do your daily routine after smoking Delta-8 without feeling that this herb is slowing down your decision-making.

• Improve your appetite

Delta-8's formula makes it perfect for appetite enhancement, so you shouldn't put it aside. While THC prevents you from eating for hours or days, Delta-8 does not interfere with your digestive plans. If you go through a chronic eating cycle, you could use delta-8 as an appetite-gaining treatment.

• Neurological protection

Researchers have found that Delta-8 offers neurological protection, something they have long ignored. Studies show that the CBD formula promotes the release of adenylyl cyclase, which is an enzyme that activates membrane receptors. Simply put, delta-8 helps you focus more and doesn't burn neurons as previously suspected.

Delta-8 also works to raise the levels of acetylcholine and choline that cause diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. As a last neurological benefit, the delta-8 formula allows neurogenesis, increasing cognitive functioning.

• Change the way you sleep

When you taste the best Delta-8 THC flower, you may get such a high that it changes the way you sleep. This component of Cannabis can keep you away from thoughts that have repeatedly prevented you from sleeping. You can reduce stress, have better sleep stimulation, and even have sedation after smoking Delta-8.

The Delta-8 flower may work as an effective treatment if you have trouble sleeping. However, you have to try to control your consumption because if the high is too high, this will cause problems.

• Control nausea

If you are going through an intense drinking night where only the urge to vomit has remained, you should try the Delta-8. Quickly, the cannabis flower will help you control nausea, so you don't feel ashamed in public. As it is a psychoactive herb, it will be easy to control that feeling of heaviness in your stomach.


• Better relaxation.

You may already feel relaxed with CBD, but with Delta-8, you could enhance your experience at home. While the CBD oil or flower offers to relax you with the Delta-8, you will be able to soothe your body 100%. You only have to take an afternoon or evening to smoke a good amount of Delta-8 so that you can relieve yourself without breaks.

• Excellent for relieving severe pain.

Many people have visited us at Head Shop Baltimore to purchase the new Delta-8 to relieve severe pain. You could have a broken or sprained ankle that a doctor checked, but the pain remains. To alleviate these painful pains, you should smoke delta-8 to handle these situations.

Delta-8 THC is also useful for stress, joint pain, inflammatory problems, and even other things. It is a miraculous flower that promises to soothe your pain without the need to sedate your body completely.

An introduction to cbd

You may have heard repeatedly about CBD and Delta 8 THC and how magical the compound is when you apply it to your body. However, you feel like you lack information about it to be convinced that its use is safe. With our team, it will be possible for you to explore the entire subject of CBD and Delta 8 to finally motivate yourself to have it in a Baltimore Head Shop, Patorco Smoke Shop, CBD Oil & CBD Flower.

You will discover that CBD & Delta 8 THC in oil, balms, drinks, coffee, or tea is a great option to relax your body. On the other hand, you will begin to consider the use of CBD & Delta 8 THC for joint pain, to relieve tension, or even to sleep better.

CBD oil in baltimore

With our services at Patorco Smoke Shop Baltimore, you will have the option to buy CBD oils that are the most popular on the market. These oils are used to apply the cannabis compound to your skin and thus absorb its therapeutic properties. CBD oil is often used in massages that you apply on your own or ask your partner for help.

With our suppliers in Baltimore and Maryland, you can buy three types of CBD oils such as 500mg, 1000mg, and 2500mg. The cost of these oils is the least because you will not have to invest a large amount of money for them.

How do I use CBD oil?

If you have any doubts about the use of CBD oil, we must explain how you should use it:

1. You will have to remove your shirt or pants to expose the area to be massaged with the oil.

2. Open the container that contains the CBD oil.

3. Apply a drop of CBD oil to the affected area of ​​your body, and eventually, you must distribute it by hand.

4. Wait no more than 1 minute for you to begin to feel a numbing effect in the area where you applied the oil.

You can also consume the CBD oil under your tongue as our product is made with food safe Coconut MCT Oil and CO2 extracted CBD.

If you don't want the CBD oil to make your hand numb, you can wear gloves when applying it. This numbing effect could last for about three hours.

Three CBD Flower strains You Shouldn't Ignore

With our Smoke Shop in Baltimore, you will have the chance to buy three special CBD flowers. These flowers stand out for having a level that exceeds 20 percent of CBD, and they are:

1. Wedding Cake

You can choose to smoke Wedding Cake pushed on by its massive 23 percent CBD. This cannabis flower boasts a brilliant 6 percent CBG, a natural anti-inflammatory, and small doses of THC. The herb is of hybrid origin with citrus, caramel, sweet and spicy hints.

The effects caused by Wedding Cake are balance, joy, and relaxation due to its high level of CBD. It is a special herb for beginners looking for a moment of peace in their busy lives.

2. Lifter # 13

As a second choice among the flowers to buy, you could take a look at Lifter # 13 now. You will have a flower with 21 percent CBD and 6 percent CBN that offers a soothing effect on your body.

The flower has a distinctive flavor that attracts customers with earthy and fruity tones. On the other hand, you will feel that Lifter # 13 prepares fresh pine, berries, fruit, cheese, and a touch of fresh-cut lemon. The flower's effects are stimulating, sedative, and slimy, making it an ideal way to sleep.


3. Elektra

When you visit our store for CBD Baltimore stores, don't forget to ask for a sample of the Elektra flower. With this herb, you will have a composition of 23 percent CBD and 7 percent CBG. With such a percentage of CBG, you can reduce the stresses on your body caused by a long work routine.

This little sativa flower offers tropical and sweet tones like a fresh pine cone. The flavor of Elektra is coffee, vanilla, earthy, and with a few shades of chocolate or even fresh-cut mango. With Elektra, you will have a feast of natural flavors that could remind you of your childhood years.

Although Wedding Cake, Lifter # 13, and Elektra are the favorite flowers for their high level of CBD, not only the only ones available. You can also look at the composition of OG Lemon Kush for its brilliant 19 percent CBD and 5 percent CBN. This herb is of Indian origin and offers yellow tones with a very sweet aroma for you to try.

On the other hand, you can taste Fruit Loops herb for its 19 percent CBD and 1.2 percent CBDA. Hybrid weed is very sweet, so much so that it could help relieve stress and make you forget about a bad day. Each of the herbs you will have available in our store has an almost imperceptible level of THC.

Delta-8 THC vs. Delta-9 THC vs THC

Many people have to wonder what differences there are between delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, and THC in general. If you are starting with the consumption of Cannabis, these doubts are common since you want to know everything about everything.

Delta-8 THC usually differs from Delta-9 THC by its level of psychoactivity, which in turn produces hallucinations. You will have a more hallucinogenic effect with Delta-9 THC than its previous version. Both products come from CBD, although for marijuana experts, their similarity goes more towards THC.

On the other hand, Delta-8 THC is completely different from solid THC, which is 100% hallucinogenic and addictive. Delta-8 THC has filters that reduce hallucinations to have nothing to fear when you smoke it. However, THC is the opposite, so its bearers should smoke it carefully.

The stronger the hallucinogenic effect like Delta-9 THC and solid THC, the more negative effects you will have. But with Delta-8 THC, you won't experience any life-ending harmful effects.

What products will you find from Delta-8 THC?

If you decide to buy Delta 8 Maryland with us, you can have a couple of attractive products with gift prices. As a beginner to the consumption of Delta-8 THC, you have to take things easy and consume a controllable amount of the product. Options to choose from online include:

• Delta-8 Gummies

Gummies are back on sale in our stores, but this time it's with Delta-8 THC. You have the option of purchasing gummies in packs of four, 8, 10, or even 20 delicious gummies. The design of the gummies are usually squares ,that will make them look very original.

You can buy Delta-8 THC gummies for day or night where they differ in intensity. Both products are certified for consumption, so you should try them without fear.

• Delta-8 Flowers

The highlight of the Delta-8 THC selection is undoubtedly the flowers, where you will have more than ten options to choose from. These Delta-8 flowers offer different sensations, flavors, and tones due to their serious composition. If you prioritize Delta-8 THC flowers, you should try:

1. Moon Rock

Moon Rock is classified as one of the strongest cannabis flowers globally, and in Patorco Smoke Shop Baltimore, you can buy it. This Delta-8 flower has a very high level of THC, its tones are hard, earthy and it gives you a sedative effect. If you are smoking this herb for the first time, try to do it in small doses to have a good trip.

2. Sour Space Candy

The herb Sour Space Candy stands out from the rest of the other flowers for its shades of sour caramel, apple, and a finishing touch of mint. In appearance, the flower takes on green and purple tones with some red points that make it stand out. The effects could be uplifting, sedative, or even restorative for some weed fans.

3. Banana Biscotti

To better connect with your body and gain some euphoria points, you should try the Banana Biscotti. But not the sweet breakfast appetizer, but the herb that bears that name and very attractive orange tones. Banana Biscotti Delta-8 THC helps you increase your desire to eat, prevents insomnia, and completely removes anxiety.

You will feel sleepy, relaxed, hungry, euphoric, and a bit high when you smoke weed, but this is normal. While you smoke the weed, you will feel earthy, citrus, or pine tones.


4. LA Kush

Something that will make you understand that Patorco CBD Baltimore is completely different from what Delta-8 THC will make you feel is smoking LA Kush. This cannabis flower is one of the most popular on the list because it helps you stay active. You can use LA Kush to give your body a boost and thus improve its performance.

Kush is formed by floral tones, pine trees, citrus fruits, and a little earthy when you finish the joint. You may feel very energetic, anxious and get stronger after soaking a bit of the flower, although the effect does not last long. Other unique flowers have come from LA Kush, such as Skywalker OG, Master Kush, or Bubba Kush.

5. Lifter

If you want to lift your spirits in the day, you should try the Delta 8 Maryland flower under the name "Lifter." For many people, a Lifter is life, harmony, and peace. It is a friendly flower to your days because it helps you feel optimistic. You can use the Lifter throughout the day without feeling slimy or slow down effects on your daily routine.

The tones of Lifter are lemony but with a sweet touch near the end to leave a good flavor on your taste buds. Some effects that you will feel with the flower are improvement, growth, energy, and positivism.

6. Jack Frost

With our online stores at Patorco Head Shop Baltimore, you can get to Christmas Eve in any season because you will have the privilege of smoking Jack Frost. This herb with a curious name works wonders at night because it will help you sleep without problems. Jack Frost Delta-8 THC comprises critical, skunk, and pine-fresh tones.

The grass has green and yellow mosses and a layer that simulates snow, hence its name. Some effects that you will feel from the herb are euphoric, creative, energetic, and sedating after completing two hours of smoking.

7. Runtz

It wouldn't be a bad idea for you to end your visit to our store in Patorco Smoke Shop Baltimore by buying Runtz. This hybrid cannabis flower contains good THC levels, making it an herb for professionals. Runtz has caramel and fruity undertones, so it's little wonder someone finds it unpleasant.

While smoking a Runtz joint, you will have a creative, uplifting, relaxing, and euphoric high. The herb has served many entrepreneurs looking for a boost in their brains to develop new ideas.

• Delta-8 Vapes

You may want to try the Delta-8, but through VAPES and, if possible, by telling us at this time. We have four essential electronic cigarettes options: Sour Diesel, Gelatti, Zkittlez, and Italian ice. In the essences, the flavor is changed, and the Delta 8 THC intensity ranges from 92  to 93%.

• Delta-8 Prerolls

As a good lover of pre-rolled joints, you can visualize five options for you to buy now. These prerolls could be Bubba Kush with caramelized tones, Banana Biscotti with fruity tones, or Jack frost with fresh tones.

Why buy CBD or Delta-8 herb online?

We offer our Delta 8 Baltimore shipping service to every neighborhood in the city and even the rest of Maryland. CBD or Delta-8 shipments are vendor-insured, so you don't feel like it's a scam. If you buy more than $20 worth of cannabis products, you won't have to pay a penny for shipping.

The way to contact us is simply because we have an active chat where you can solve your doubts. You have free will to explore each option we offer you on the website. You have the option to register to have a better time shopping online and thus have all our results.

You have to take that first step of contacting us, knowing the differences between herbs, and buying the best one. You can also give the task of testing each type of flower, either CBD or Delta-8, to give your opinion on its effectiveness in the body.

What is cbd?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a compound exclusively brought from Cannabis sativa, but it is not hallucinogenic. This element is used to reduce joint, muscle, headache pain or relax your pets. Because cannabidiol is a product for medical and non-recreational use, its consumption in the United States and part of Europe is legal.

According to American researchers, CBD may help people with seizures because it directly interferes with neuronal health. Although there are several cannabis sativa herbs globally, only the component with the least THC is sought in the CBD extraction process. In this way, CBD suppliers will offer a product that does not cause addiction, hallucinations, euphoria, or other unwanted sensations.

Benefits of using CBD

When you are encouraged to use CBD or Delta 8 products like Delta 8 vapes, Delta 8 cartridges, Delta 8 gummies, Delta 8 Flower, or Delta 8 joints, or other Delta 8 in  Maryland, you will truly benefit your body. CBD is 100% natural. It is not degraded in the extraction process, so it does offer real benefits such as:

• Relieves pain

If you suffer from back pain or pain in other areas of the body, CBD oil may help you relieve it. This compound will free you from pain caused by a long working day or complicated exercise routine.

• Helps you sleep

CBD oil may help you get back to sleep if you have trouble sleeping. As CBD offers to relax your body, this interferes with your sleep, allowing you to have sweet naps.

• Relax your pets

CBD can not only be used by humans, but you can also use it on your pet to relax her. If your dog or cat is anxious about the trip, you can apply a little CBD oil so that he can calm down. This compound will not affect your pet, so its use is 100% safe.

• Change your mood

With the consumption of CBD in Baltimore, you can change your mood for the better, which will help you be in a better mood. You might be upset about your job or relationship, but those bad thoughts will fade away with a little CBD. CBD oil has helped calm the depression, confusion, sadness, or other feelings you expose yourself to daily.

• Serves to relieve stress and sadness

One key benefit you could gain from our CBD in Baltimore is that it will help relieve stress and sadness. There is no product as effective as CBD with which you can calm your tensions in a matter of seconds.

CBD Vapes

We have decided to show the CBD essences as it is already common to see our clients smoking their electronic cigarettes. These essences are easy to taste, very delicious, and often vary, as well as CBD flowers. Some CBD Vapes options that you will have available include Calming Mint, Sativa Terps, Maximum Terps, and Relaxing Lavender. We think we have the best CBD Vapes in Baltimore, Maryland, and once you try it, we know you’ll feel the same way!

But is CBD everything?

Even though cannabidiol gains priority in online shopping, it is not the only product relaxing the body. From Cannabis or hemp, you can enjoy several components, but among the most enigmatic are CBD and THC. Now that you have a solid background in CBD, it would be the right time to learn more about THC.

But before you tackle the topic of THC and the products we offer in the Delta 8 Baltimore category, you should know that it is a care compound. You should not take THC lightly to avoid misusing it.

Delta-8 THC legality

As the main providers of Delta 8 Baltimore, we assure you that we work with all legal standards. The use of Delta-8 THC has not been formally approved in the United States, but it can be used. Like CBD, you can buy the component online and receive it by mail.

However, you have full responsibility when consuming Delta-8 THC and all the effects it causes on your body. Although with our team, you will not have to worry about a bad adventure after testing the component. We guarantee you a real product brought from CBD that does not give a serious hallucinogenic effect that you should be afraid of.

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