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Buy Kratom in Baltimore, MD

If you're looking to buy Kratom (mitragyna speciosa) powder in Baltimore, Maryland, or even if you're looking to buy Kratom capsules of high quality in Baltimore, MD, you've stumbled upon the best smoke shop that can provide you with quality products every day of the week.

Baltimore Kratom

What is Kratom?

Kratom, also known as mitragyna speciosa, is a plant that is known for its various benefits, including pain relief, energy, and more! It's grown in Southeast Asia most of the time, in countries like Thailand or Indonesia. Kratom comes in a variety of formats, including quality Kratom capsules and the new up and coming Kratom extracts. Patorco is the best place to buy Kratom in Baltimore. It can be used to make Kratom tea or taken in Kratom smoothies. Come try the best Baltimore Kratom today. Give us a call to learn more if you'd like as well.

Buy Kratom Baltimore

The Baltimore MD Kratom scene is dominated by various smoke shops that purchase their products from third party suppliers, without oversight into any farming or manufacturing processes. Patorco Smoke Shop, CBD Flower & CBD Oil works directly with farms and labs to ensure that the only the best Kratom reaches our shelves. Due to credit card processor regulations, we only sell Kratom in store, so stop by.

So which strains of Kratom can you expect to find in-store when you stop by? Here's a menu of all our Kratom strains we carry in our centrally located Baltimore MD location. You'll love our customer service and we'll help you find the product and things you need. You can give us a phone call to be 100% sure.

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Red Bali Strain (Capsules & Powder)

While Red Kali is a very relaxing strain, Red Bali has less of a red influence. This causes it to be a more energizing strain overall. This strain has some of the balance of a Bali, which is perfect for mild pain relief, while adding a mild energy boost.

Gold Bali Strain (Capsules & Powder)

Also known as Gold Bali, this strain comes from Red Bali leaves. So, why isn’t it just called Red Bali? The secret is in the way its grown and prepared. To become Bali Gold, the Red Bali leaves must first grow in the wild, followed by a unique sun drying process.

White Maeng Da (Capsules & Kratom Powder)

One of the most potent forms of Maeng da is white Maeng Da Kratom which is one of the most effective Kratom Strains that provide benefits as soon as it is taken or consumed. It includes high energy levels and works as a pain killer for the body with minimal side effects. 

Green Maeng Da (Capsules & Kratom Powder)

Green Maeng Da is just like as the name depicts it to be; calm and peaceful.

The strong stimulatory effects of it are reaching every part of the world with the online sale and purchase system these days.

Some prime benefits which all Maeng Da strains provide in different concentration are following.

  • Stimulation

  • Analgesia

  • Psychological boost

Email or call us for more info, people

Red Thai (Powder)

Red Vein Kratom leaves have red colored stem and veins. Red kratom is by far the best selling and most widely available strain of kratom on the market. The red vein is sold more than the green and white vein combined. The red vein kratom plant grows abundantly in Southeast Asia and is slightly more persistent than other Mitragyna Speciosa trees. Some studies claim that the substances that give rise to the red color of the veins also ensure that the plant is less susceptible to external factors.

Green Malay (Powder)

Green strains, like Green Malay, are known to combine the pain relieving properties of a red strain with the euphoria ​and energy boost of a white strain.

Green Malay does this better than any other green. And the balance doesn’t end there, as its potency isn’t burned quickly, leading to longer lasting effects.

Red Borneo (Powder)

Borneo kratom comes from Borneo. It comes in red, green, and white vein varieties. Compared to other strains, Borneo kratom is considered to have a more sedating effect.

Yellow Vietnam (Powder)

Yellow kratom is the most rare form of kratom available on the marketplace.

The most accepted answer is that yellow kratom strains result from using a different drying technique on white kratom and green leaves, as the drying process plays a huge role in the leaves’ color and alkaloid content. 

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Buy Kratom extract Baltimore

We also carry a wide array of Kratom extracts, such as Kratom teas, Kratom shots, and more! Come check us out if you want Kratom Baltimore MD very best! Check us out for products like MIT 45!

Our vendors are all vetted to ensure customers satisfaction, and that's why we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with any of our products! We're known in Baltimore MD neighborhoods as the top purveyor of all smoke shop products, and our brand spans the country! We pay attention to residents needs, and as such, our name is well reputed amongst the community and in the city. So to summarize, if you're in Baltimore Kratom can be found at Patorco right here in Fed Hill.

Tobacco in Baltimore

Further, if you're looking for tobacco products, CBD oil, CBD gummies, CBD flower, CBD lotions or CBD creams, and more, you can find them all here. We work with the best farms and suppliers in the industry to ensure our products are the absolute best. Our products are lab tested at every stage to ensure that people receive the best products possible. Our friendly customer service will allow you to find the product that's right for you!

If you find yourself in the city (Baltimore Maryland area), and are looking for e cigs in a smoke shop near you, you need to avail our services to ensure you're satisfied. We're the best smoke shop in the Baltimore area, and once you step in our doors, or give us a phone call, you'll be sure you've found your happy place. You can find reputed brands such as Juul & Pax, along with salt-nic and regular e juices in our shop right in the center of the city!

Have you heard about Delta-8 THC? It's like Delta-9 THC (the molecule in cannabis), however, people report feeling less negative side effects. It's also federally legal! You can find Delta-8 THC products in store, including Delta-8 vape cart, and Delta-8 gummies!


Rest assured, this compound is legal in Baltimore, Maryland, and vaping it should not result in bad health conditions due to our stringent testing of our products. Our customers absolutely love it. They speak about better sleep, enhanced energy, more flow state and a deeper connection with their surroundings.

If you're looking for local or imported glass pipes, we will ensure you leave satisfied. We work with a community of local Baltimore glass blowers offer locally blown glass pieces, as well as import vendors. We ensure your satisfaction with a 100% money back guarantee!

Best Smoke Shop in Baltimore

As the best smoke shop in Baltimore, we guarantee that you'll find a wider array of rolling papers here than anywhere else. We carry Vibes (by the Cookies guys), and as the first shop in Baltimore to carry it, we can really guarantee that it's dope. Ask anyone about us by name, they'll know which shop you're talking about!

You'll find a large array of blunts here too, such as Backwoods, Woods Leaf, Game Leaf, 1882s and even Front Leaf! All of our products are always fresh so you can rely on us!

So stop by today!

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